Howdy y'all?

Today is a sad one for all the fans of hip-hop world-wide who for one reason or the other loved the man known as Nate Dogg. He passed on earlier today and he must have trended on Twitter. I send out my sympathies to his family and all those who loved his quite unique voice, but deep down inside of all of us we know the answer to my next question...

How many of us remembered Nate Dogg until today?

Geez, even the new artistes have a hard time trying to stay relevant, not to talk of someone who has (tey-ed) been around for a while...

  • We all hate and despise the Abachas and IBBs of this world, but we won't mind their wealth.
  • We all think Lady Gaga is a satanic lunatic, but the 7th most powerful woman in the world ain't no joke.
  • We all want a British passport, but feel immense pride when we hear the phrase, 'When she goes black, she ain't going back'.
  • We say foreign movies are fake and full of special effects, but we could give up a lot just for a cameo appearance in one.
As for me, I would honestly say up until today, I only remembered Nate when the shuffle button on my media player was turned on.

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