BBA Amplified Spotlight: Ms Karen Igho

One of the Nigerians chosen to rep us in the BBA Amplified house, Ms Karen Igho who is 5' 3inches, 27 yrs old and an indegene of Delta State is a Southwark college, London graduate where she studied Theatre Arts.
Even though she stayed in the United Kingdom for 7 years and has worked as a model, she is no stranger to reality TV in Nigeria. She already took part in the 2008 edition of the Next Movie Star.

An obvious tattoos and piercing fan she is, as is very evident all over her body. She's a wild one, but a very nice person and even quiet sometimes. That much I can say, because (drum-roll), she was yours truly's date to the Dynamix All-Youth Awards last year. Yes Boss! Glaze does roll with and makes stars ;)... lol.

In November 2007, she paid £4 ,000 for breast implants and a further £250 each night for 5 nights, the surgery got her from a BB cup to a DD. blah blah blah... We know and can see Karen had breast implants. So y'all can like to drop the topic. Big Brother Amplified is on the way already with Karen Igho repping for Naija. Good luck to you girl!

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