Big Brother Africa Amplified Shutdown

Yesterday was a memorable day for almost all Africans, who up until the inability to watch Channel 198 on Dstv dawned on them were Big Brother fans. This year, the organisers in conjunction with Coca-Cola promised viewers a ‘louder and bigger’ version of what we were used to; and they delivered.

Some people argue that there was nothing ‘amplified’ about the show apart from the fact that this year, TWO contestants went home with a cash prize of $200,000 EACH. I beg to differ though, because even a blind man should have seen that the crop of housemates in the BBA Amplified house were selected with a preference – ink and/or metal. They obviously went for those who were presumed loud.

Anyway, after 91 days of 24 hours surveillance and lots of laughs, tears, conflicts, chemistry, faking, harsh words and love sparks; the show came to an end with Nigeria’s own Karen Higo and Zimbabwe’s Wendall emerging the top two. The shocking twist to it all is Wendall was an absolute minority figure in the house; No one was disturbed by him and I’m certain none saw him as a major threat. Polls across Africa had placed the cash prizes in the hands of South Africa’s Luclay and Naija’s Karen, who during the show had been dubbed Mr & Mrs Otono even up till the deciding moment. It was a rude shock to most that Wendall came out of nowhere to win. Well, Africa voted, they counted and Glaze is ecstatic that his home-girl Karen won – whoop whoop!

Here’s how the votes went:

Karen: 6 country votes - Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania

Wendall: 4 country votes - Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya

Luclay: 2 country votes - South Africa, Botswana

Lomwe: 1 country vote - Malawi

Sharon O: 1 country vote - Uganda

Hanni: 1 country vote - Ethiopia

Vina: 0 Country Votes.

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