2Face proposes at last..

Hi guys,

Yesterday was lots of fun for the lovers who had their chunk of the gifts, dinners and quality time with their partners that come with the Valentine season. This was in my opinion even more publicized this year; With more shows, events and promos to celebrate February 14.

One thing that has been a staple though during Valentine is the solidifying of love that has been on for a while - marriage! Anyway, our very own international superstar, Innocent '2face' Idibia proposed to his girlfriend of 13 years and baby-mama Annie Macaulay yesterday. It has been all over the social networks and we in the industry are very happy for them and wish them the best in their marital journey.

On the flip-side though, while we are all feeling giddy and all, I am forced to think about 4 things.

  1. Annie Macaulay is a very cute name. Annie IDIBIA....? Well...
  2. I hope she has a big heart, because his 'family' is already BIG enough (if you get me).
  3. What in heaven's name is going to happen to Pero Adeniyi who walked out of her marriage because of 2face AND is currently heavy with her THIRD CHILD for the singer?!
  4. While most girls would see the ring on Annie's left hand in the pic below, I hope all the guys see where 2face's left hand is.. (Annie - I own his heart, 2face - I own that ass) :D

2face and Annie

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