Music and I...

What is music? 

It's funny because the dictionary definition says MUSIC is an artful arrangement of sounds across time.
Wow! that's a broad definition.. Well, music is half of me, its equivalent to my soul, literally I mean. Music is the artful production of sound to please the ears and cause a smile at the end or probably tears. It’s funny how people relate to music, in a romantic way, in a crazy way, fun or sad way. 

This is how I relate to music and its impact on me.

You might say I see music from a different perspective but I can say I see it the way you do, I just take my time to do so. To really connect to any song, you've got to follow some steps I’m going to lay as you read, I’m sure it will be very helpful.

First, I check all titles and think of its meaning, for example, AKPAKO by Terry G, u should know the meaning already, or BACK WHEN by Davido, so I expect the lyrics to explain the title better. You don’t want to listen to a song titled I AM FREE and its lyrics relate to one being tied up and seeking freedom, just senseless I say.

Secondly, i check out for beats and sounds, the beat of any song should make serious sense, if not it’s just the compilation of ear screeching objects to cause nothing but ear pain and a serious headache. The beat could be danceable like SHOOT EM UP by Pblaze or just plain, or slow and .......... like STUDIO LUV, FALL FOR YOUR TYPE by Drake.

Thirdly, I put myself in a really quiet place, infact, I create a world and literally go there, where it’s just me and my music. I listen to the lyrics word for word and try to understand it, create a connection between us (my music and I).

Collette Otsu

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