Micheal Jackson's doctors likely to face trial...

Michael Jackson's personal physician will most likely be charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks, it has been claimed.
Dr Conrad Murray will be arrested before Wednesday by cops probing the singer's death, according to sources in the US. Also, Dr Arnold Klein, M.J's skin doctor, is set to face charges linked to medical malpractice over his client's addiction to prescription drugs, reports say.

The Los Angeles District Attorney is said to be in talks with the investigating team set up to probe 50-year-old Jacko's death after a cardiac arrest on June 25.

Murray who is 53yrs, will face manslaughter charges despite investigators' determination to pin him for second degree murder, Fox News reported.

They have failed to find any concrete allegation that would lead to a likely conviction on that charge. Cops are said to have decided to execute one more search warrant at an LA pharmacy in an attempt to find more evidence against him though.

Murray is said to have already told officers that he administered powerful anaesthetic Propofol to insomniac Jackson just hours before he died. But his lawyer Ed Chernoff has insisted Murray did not give Jacko anything that killed him.
Amidst all these, M.J is set to be buried on 27-08-09.

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