Truly Stars...

Howdy y’all,
                 In the spirit of the Grammys, I just had to let y’all know that Archie Glaze’s Most Creative Video(2009) award goes to

Foreign – Jeremih (Imma star) , and
Nigerian – T.W.O (Fine Bara)

These guys are AWESOME. A breath of fresh air that was so needed. C’mon guys, I think we are quite tired of you telling us how much money you have. We need people to make good music and still entertain us. You don’t entertain anybody when you’ve got bling blinding their sights.
 ‘Imma star’ is one video I won’t get tired of in a very long while. My best part is when the beggar saw his ride and went nuts...LMAO. Ol boy! LaffWanKill the guy sha. And of course, ‘Fine Bara’ is just hilarious. Favourite part though is when Tunde is calling out his qualifications and says he has a Doctorate degree and he is working on his What in God’s name is a Doctorate degree?! Big ups to Jeremih, T.W.O and their entire video crew for the creativity on those videos.

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