Outstanding Perfumes made here in Nigeria...

A reader just sent this in and I soo had to share it. Hilarious, if you read it out loud with a voice-over tone. Thanks Deji.

'Extinct' by NITEL..

'Blackout' by NEPA..

'Escape' by IBORI..

'Desperate' by ATIKU..

'Must be me' by BUHARI..

'Swindle' by C.IBRU..

'Barely 13' by YERIMA..

'Kampe' by OBJ...

'Honour Among Thieves' by NASS..

Assault’.....by DEJI of AKURE..

'Insane'... By S KAITA..

'Exquisite' ..... by ASHIWAJU..

'Excite' by ...BRF..

'Unreliable' by SUPER EAGLES..

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