Miley Cyrus at it again (Nude in music video)

Miley CyrusOkay! It's official people! Miley 'Hannah Montana' Cyrus is on a mission! If I may take a guess, i'll say it's to completely remove any ideas as to whether or not she's 'grown'.
After her display at this year's VMA's, and all the notoreity that came with that performance, one would think that she or her advisors/record label/management would ask that she slows down; Instead she answers back with a video that shows her quite nude to her track - Wrecking Ball.

This video is bound to have some parents wreck the tvs or computers of their kids found watching it, and need I mention turning some balls I honestly have nothing against this style of marketing/publicity, even though I must say that it's a very bold move on her part.

Watch the video below..

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