Happy 51st Independence Nigeria..

To start with, I want to say..

Congratulations to you all!
You have been wonderful citizens of a country that has plagued us with many insecurities and uncertainties since its very inception. Wide-spread scarcity of resources we have been abundantly endowed with, loss of lives that could have been spared, loss of jobs that were never even sufficient to live on and epileptic power supply.

Those that say only the strong survive must have met with every reader of this post. You have made it through all that; And no matter what our bank balances say, or the fact that we can't even watch the Independence Day Parade because PHCN needs no Federal confirmation before they declare a public holiday of their own. We will dance, celebrate, make merry and hope for a better tomorrow. Thumbs up to  everyone hosting a show of any sort during this period.. We deserve it!

On a lighter note though, below are some 're-mixed' quotes.. Enjoy! :)

1.       He who fights and runs away..
.. is a sharp guy.
2.       He who lives in a glass house..
.. wants to show off his furniture.
3.       Half bread..
.. someone caught you while trying to steal the whole loaf.
4.       One good turn..
.. prevents a slap from the back seat by your boss.
5.       A journey of a thousand miles..
.. submit your form at the embassy.
6.       He who laughs last..
.. didn’t get the joke.
7.       A stitch in time..
.. means you don’t have a spare shirt.

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